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Colours that are good for your home in Spring

Spring marks the end of cold weather, and winters are something that most people don’t like, which is why people across the globe wait for the spring to arrive. Well, the spring has now arrived and naturally, you might want to get ready for the season.

So if you are interested in changing the decor of your house, you are in the right place. There are a lot of colour themes trending on the internet like the sunrise-sunset theme, lemon kitchen decor among others. Here we will tell you which ones you should go for and why.

5 colour options for colourful homes in Spring

1.    White Beadboard

In spring, nature wakes up, well, so should your homes! One of the ways to make your house feel lively is by adding white-painted beadboard to your house walls. These boards will add two things to your walls – texture and interest.

2.    Lemon coloured kitchen

You can choose a lemon kitchen decor, to make the kitchen cheerful haven. Lemon coloured canisters, kitchen towels, curtains and small appliances will add a bright and cheerful glint to your kitchen and life.

3.    Bring the nature inside rather than outside

Ideally, you should do this around the year, but during spring, you should especially do it. Keeping plants inside the house breaks the monotony of the house and brings in new emotions. However, make sure they don’t occupy a lot of space, otherwise, they will defeat the purpose. For example, a small plant on the table should do you some good.

4.    Mix sunrise and sunset in the living room

Spring brings out the colours in nature, naturally, this season is the most colourful part of the year. So there is no reason your rooms cannot be beautiful. In springs and then consequently for summers, painting the room in the mixture of colours of sunrise and sunset is a good idea. For example, colour all the four walls with different colours, like, one can be blue, others can be some other dark colour.

5.    Mint green for living room and bedroom

Mint green has been popular for quite some time now. No, we are not asking you to colour the walls of your bedroom in mint green, but you should consider some accessories in this colour. You can add this colour to your bedroom accessories too and kitchen cabinets are also a good idea.

6.    Keep things light

Spring is all about lightness, and well … spring. You should consider making all your rooms, accessories and cabinets light in colour to feel the season. However, don’t forget to add a tinge of a dark colour to break the monotony.