Should I buy or hire event furniture?

When it comes to furniture for temporary events, then there is a decision to make for event organisers – buy or hire furniture? Depending upon the nature of your business and the events that you are involved in, there will be a number of factors involved in your decision.

Let’s say that you are a marquee company specialising in summer weddings.  With this in mind, you’ll probably need similar furniture for each event that you put on – after all, the majority of weddings will involve some form of dining and then a party afterwards.  Therefore, you might want to buy round banqueting tables, tablecloths, wedding chairs and maybe even a dance floor and a temporary bar unit, as these are most likely to be used at each and every wedding you hold.  You could then hire furniture over and above what you own if you are catering for larger guest numbers.  Yes, buying wedding furniture will involve an initial investment and outlay of cash, but depending upon how many weddings you hold and what your bookings are like, the chances are that you will make this money back by not having to hire furniture for each and every event, over a period of time.

That said, it is virtually impossible for a marquee company, for example, to buy tables and chairs and EVERY bride and groom that they deal with is happy to go with the furniture that you have purchased.  Even though you might have purchased some classical limewash Chiavari chairs, for example – which are the most popular type of wedding chair – it might be that a bride and groom are very specific that they want silver Chiavari chairs…….and that they want blue seat pads rather than the ivory seat pads you have purchased……and they want royal blue tablecloths rather than the ivory ones you have purchased…….and the list can potentially go on.

And that’s just for marquee companies.  It might be that you are a corporate hospitality event organiser, and with this in mind, the types of events that you are organising is diverse in nature, from seminars, press conferences and product launches through to Christmas parties and shareholder meetings, for example.  As a result, it’s almost impossible to anticipate what furniture you will need that far in advance, and then buy this furniture in large quantities, as you might only get one or two uses out of it, and you’ve also got to store it!

With this in mind, it’s always advisable to have a preferred supplier when it comes to furniture hire – a company on which you can count on to provide you with the range of furniture you need and in the quantities you need, so that you can cater for pretty much all client requests as and when you take the bookings.

It’s true to say that for some, buying furniture makes sense, especially when you are holding events of a similar nature – many weddings, for example, have traditional and classic styling which means that you can anticipate and guide clients to what you have.  Other events, however, simply don’t have these traditions and in today’s modern world where companies are looking to provide something different, unique and exciting, it’s always beneficial to work with a furniture hire company that is going to provide you with the professional service you need to create memorable events.


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Thinking of ideal furniture for bedroom?


Making a bedroom more personal and comfortable, one should think for quality and comfortable bedroom furniture and other furniture add on. The quality add on furniture items in bedroom like, side desk, wooded cabinets, wardrobes, center table, wall art etc makes a room ideal for rest in. You enjoys luxurious life spent after a long hard and tiring day. Bedroom is a place where you find peace of mind.

An energetic person always gives best results in business or in job. A good bedroom designed well generate the positive energy, which help to make a normal human being to a person full of positive energy. This is a place where you enjoys many personal activities, quality bed with good mattress makes your activities more enjoyable.


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Modern Bedroom Furniture Design Trends

Bedroom Trends

Timeless, sophisticated and refined! Black and White is one of the hottest and most classy color combinations dominating today’s modern bedroom landscape. While its stylistic proportions are utterly impressive and certainly make a bold statement, the practicality of using a black and white palette in the bedroom entails a look that is very hard to get wrong or get tired of as well as a look that underlines pure surfaces, lines and structures which convey architectural impression and design ingenuity.

So why do you ask, an old and tried color pallet such as this one is enjoying a modern revival? Look no further than at the actual nature of the colors themselves. Black is a conservative color, suggesting elegance, mystery and sophistication. It is a color that is often thought of as sexy and provocative. White, on the other hand, is the color of purity and innocence. When combined together, black and white, like yin and yang are contrasting opposites that represent the most dynamic duo in the color spectrum, meant to accommodate any look you are after. Be it sophistication, glamour, or serenity, the paradoxical nature of Black and White will certainly help you accomplish a multi-faceted design and bring out your creative individuality. Although the colors are not new, nor is their timeless combination, the actual implementation in the modern bedroom is something worth exploring.

Materials: Today’s Black and White modern bedroom furniture are not only optical in their glamorous modernity, but are manufactured using high quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship that modishly highlights the contradictory qualities. One of the most popular finishes for a black and white bedroom in the modern furniture domain is the cooler-looking, smooth, matt or shiny lacquer. Besides lacquer’s durable nature, it is also used on furniture because of its intrinsic depth, which undeniably adds to the dexterity of the pieces and accentuates sleek and clean surfaces. Black and white effect is likewise achieved through the use of the ever-popular leather upholstered beds, which tend to exert a refined disposition and allude to a sensual experience. Wood finished in a dark, rich, wenge is another option in the modern bedroom realm. Its natural ambience delineated from its coarse black and dark brown grain adds warmth and dimensional stability while softening the stark contrast of black and white.

Design: Timeless beauty in the modern bedroom is radiated in lieu of the elegance innately found in black and white colors. When combined with minimalist modern design, black and white bedroom furniture and accents undeniably set impressive highlights in the most diverse interiors. When the contrasting color scheme is directly applied to furniture, the clear separation between discrete design elements like the platform, headboard and nightstands is powerfully emphasized. And while the monochromatic look is somewhat foregone, a look full of drama and originality is predominantly present. In contrast to the integration of black and white components directly to furniture, the use of black and white colors on accents, while maintaining the dominance of one color on furniture, strengthens the overall realization of the theme and deliberately draws attention to specific bedroom areas and elements of choice.

Implementation: In today’s modern bedroom, black and white colors are as natural, as clean and uncluttered lines, which is why it is not a grueling task to pull this look together with triumphant success. As a matter of fact, it is quite painless, but the key is to keep an open mind, have reasonable expectation and to let yourself be inspired. You start with the functional requirements and realistic goals which mainly involve deciding what would fit into your bedroom and how much are you willing to do to transform it. If the level of your involvement is minimal, then you should concentrate on selecting very distinctive and dramatic bedroom furniture pieces that elegantly balance quality and creativity while maintaining the essence of glamour and sophistication. Such pieces usually include two-tone lacquered bedroom furniture that challenges the conventional norms of design through asymmetry and innovation. Once you acquire a center-piece of a bedroom suite, not much more in terms of details, needs to be done to expand on the black and white theme. However, if you are willing to dedicate a bit more time to the black and white remake of your bedroom, than your options are far more abundant. While you can still choose to use the same intricate bedroom furniture that will surely help make a statement, you can also take the route of an understated, monochromatic bedroom furniture in wood or in leather that may not have the same wow-factor and extravagance, but instead such furniture are a great platform, lending much room for creativity. Creativity in a black and white bedroom can be accomplished in three different ways. First, you can concentrate on the details like picture frames, candles, clocks, pillows, and vases which frequently make all the difference and have the power to unify a bedroom into a cohesive, streamlined topography. Second, you can experiment with textures, prints and patterns to further enhance your bedroom’s interiors. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to maximize the impact of black and white colors as the sheer amalgamation of textures and patterns often alludes to a multi-dimensional effect and helps further articulate the pronounced elegance and timelessness of what black and white colors represent. Third, you can use black and white as a backdrop for one very powerful third color, often red but can also be blue or green. The neutral and distinctive nature of black and white colors facilitates a compelling ambiance, causing any other color to stand out to a greater extent. The trick with this approach is to use only one color on top of black and white, for anything beyond that would divert from the classy and elegant appeal of a black and white room.

First-class materials, the love of luxury, elegance and the courage to show big emotions characterize the latest trend in modern bedroom décor. With a flair for ageless interiors, the absence of color in a black and white bedroom transcends time while offering a powerful, detraction-free décor. Far from somber, a black and white bedroom in a modern house highlights textures and lighting that can often be lost in color-centric room. A black and white bedroom décor can add an air of romance, class, timelessness and mystery to otherwise ordinary room making it more intense in nature. Whether your black and white bedroom will have a unique appeal achieved through the use of lacquer, an appeal of luxury achieved by using leather, or an appeal of serenity found in wood; whether you choose to concentrate your energy of the furniture or on the room, your are bound for a dramatic, glamorous and elegant bedroom transformation that will be as impressive today as in years to come.

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